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Top 3 Stores for WWE/WWF Replica Belts for Avid Wrestling Fans and Collectors

Zaibu Belts

Zaibu Belts has carved out a reputation for providing high-quality, authentic WWE/WWF replica belts. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled, with meticulous attention to detail that captures the essence of the original titles. Whether you’re looking for the classic winged eagle belt or the modern universal championship, Zaibu Belts offers a wide range of options to satisfy every fan’s desire.


Quality craftsmanship: Each belt is crafted with precision and high-quality materials to ensure durability and authenticity.

Variety: A diverse selection of replica belts from various eras of WWE/WWF.

Customization: Offers custom belts for fans looking to create a unique piece of wrestling history.

Customer Reviews: Fans praise Zaibu Belts for their exceptional customer service and the lifelike quality of their replica belts. Many note the belts’ weight and finish as being incredibly close to the real deal used by WWE superstars.

Jaguar Leather Co.

Jaguar Leather Co. is renowned for its expertise in leather products, including top-notch WWE/WWF replica belts. Their belts are known for their luxurious feel and detailed craftsmanship, making them a favorite among collectors. Jaguar Leather Co. combines traditional leatherworking techniques with modern technology to produce belts that are both visually stunning and robust.


Premium leather: Uses high-quality leather to give the belts an authentic look and feel.

Detail oriented: Pays great attention to the fine details, ensuring every replica belt is true to the original.

Customer Service: Known for excellent customer support and after-sales service.

Customer Reviews: Collectors often commend Jaguar Leather Co. for their belts’ authenticity and durability. The intricate designs and quality leather make these belts stand out as premium collectibles.

USA Jacket Builders

While primarily known for their custom jackets, USA Jacket Builders also offers a fantastic range of replica belts. Their belts are designed with a focus on detail and authenticity, ensuring fans receive a product that closely resembles the championships seen on TV.


Quality materials: Uses durable and high-quality materials to replicate the sheen and weight of real championship belts.

Authentic design: Emphasizes accuracy in design, making their replica belts strikingly close to the originals.

Customer Satisfaction: Known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring fans get a product they can be proud of.

Customer Reviews: Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the authentic feel of the belts. Many highlight the company’s responsive customer service and the overall quality of their purchases.


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